For over sixty years, the wines of Locci Zuddas are appreciated by both Sardinian manufacturers and consumers. The company, founded by the non-commissioned naval officer Antonio Locci Zuddas after the Second World War, was able to carve out a prominent space due to its ability to combine the best wine quality with and taste of the consumer. An example of this was the rediscovery of Chiaretto, a fresh and fruity rosŽ, which aroused both excitement and admiration in the market due to its exceptional success. Today the Locci Zuddas cellars launches the brand new wine box: a packaging system that offers more benefits than the bottle.






Medium-sweet red wine. Intense red that changes into the color of amaranth with aging. Robust vinous aroma, gentle and round on the palate. Ideal with meats and roasts. Splendid contrast between its exquisite acidulous flavor and seafood dishes.

13% vol




Dry red wine. Brilliant red color that tends to develop hints of orange with aging. Gratifying vinous intense flavor, dry, fruity, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideal with red meats and roasts.

14% vol




Red wine. Red that tends to change into an amaranto color with aging. Intense, dry flavor with a distinctive aftertaste. Greatly appreciated with red meats and roasts.

11,5% vol




Sweet white wine. Brilliant yellow gold color and an intensly velvety smell. Sweet and soft on the palate. 

Great accompaniment to desserts, cakes and fruit.

14% vol




Vintage 2011. Vermentino di Sardegna DOC. Color ranges from that of white paper to pale straw. Delicate and pleasantly scented with a dry tangy flavor and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Pleasant as an aperitif and great for pairing with fish, seafood, and cheese.

12,5% vol



Slightly sweet white wine. Straw colored with a slight reflection and a tinge of green. Pleasant vinous aroma, slightly sweet flavored and well-balanced with a hint of acidity. Best served chilled, with both meat or fish.

12% vol